About Us

The Common Room is the community room for both AEGEE-Eindhoven and Cosmos. We strive to keep it open during most academic days to provide a friendly space for everyone. We have a kitchen for cooking, available all day. Beyond that we also have barstools, tables and couches, creating a space for people to chill and talk together. Furthermore, we have a projector with speakers and several board, card and computer games. We hope to see you around!

The Common Room is managed by the Common Room Committee, we are a group of volunteers that make sure the room is looked after and cared for.


To add the commonroom calendar to your own calendar use this link.


The Common Room can be booked by any association that wants to host an event. Events can make use of our facilities, such as a projector, dining tables and a kitchen. To make sure we can facilitate everything we only accept reservation requests made 7 days in advance.

For reservation of the Common Room, you can fill in the reservation form and send it to info@commonroom.nl. Please make sure to have read the Common Room regulations before submitting your form. The Common Room is run and overseen by volunteers. A volunteer needs to be present to keep the Common Room open and we may not always be available.